Do you feel like you’re lost in a life of disappointments?
Do you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of mistakes and don’t know what to do?
Do you feel like you lack the training or resources to thrive in life?
If you or someone you know could answer “yes” to these questions, this may be the time to check out Step Up.
Step Up is…
…a faith-based life skills/life coaching opportunity.
…a safe space that offers
– Love
– Education
– Training
– Resources
– Guidance
– Support
– Encouragement
= Accountability
– and a climate of hope to those who need help to overcome life’s obstacles.
Step Up  strongly believes that with Jesus Christ any obstacle can be overcome. We also know that to positively thrive in life, practical skills and education must be obtained.
Areas Step Up addresses:
– Employability
– Educational Opportunities
– Budgeting
– Parenting
– Service Learning
– Developing a relationship with Christ
– and much more
How: Become part of the solution! It will take a collective and persistent effort to develop opportunities that will address such issues as generational poverty, lack of education, unemployment, criminal activity, broken families, mental illness, and addiction. It is Jeff Street’s goal to offer our community a chance to Step Up.
For information, contact Jeanette Harris at 217-732-9294 or